Word Endings

In the simplest case, writing the end of a word or syllable simply involves pressing the key or chord that relates to the sound of the end of the word.

For Example: "Big" ends in a "G" so you press the "G" key with the right hand.

However there are a few shortcuts that can save you a lot of strokes in the long run. One example would be the very common ending "tion". There is no need to type this as a whole extra syllable, you can use the right hand keys "G" and "S" instead.

Unfortunately the right hand side of the keyboard is not quite as straight forward as the left hand side. Sometimes certain letters are substituted for others.

For Example: "F" is often used as a substitute for "S" when another consonant follows. Cases like "Fast" (FAFT) and "Kissing" (KIFG).

"F" is also used to represent "V". Sometimes you will have to use the asterisk key to differentiate between a word that ends with "F" and a word that ends with "V". "Strife" (STRAOEUF) and "Strive" (STRAO*EUF)

Here is a list of the most common word endings:

Ending Steno Example
st FT Fast (FAFT)
th *T Bath (PWA*T)
mp *PL Lamp (HRA*PL)
lk *LG Milk (PH*EULG)
ch / tch FP Catch, Screech
sh RB Cash
'shus' (tious / cious) RBS Precious
'shun' (tion / sion etc..) GS Fashion, Notion
'kshun' (ction) BGS Function, Auction (AUBGS)
rch / nch FRPB Perch, Bench
dge PBLG Edge
ds DZ Friends

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